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Let's get your story you can start selling more.

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Being an expert isn't enough.

Without the perfect cocktail of omnipresent content, differentiation buy-in, and empathy-driven leadership...your audience will never know (or care) about what you do.

So, you're a world-class consultant. A results-driven agency owner. A knock-your-socks-off coach.

Guess what? No one cares.

In your saturated market, your expertise is meaningless—because it's just more noise in an already noisy industry.

That's why your sales call conversion rate is dropping off. That's why the clients you are signing aren't getting good enough results. That's why you can't break past the $50K/month mark. 

Because you haven't gotten enough of the right people to listen to you.

Your dream clients are drowning without you—and you're shouting from the dock instead of throwing them a life vest.

To hit the next level, you need a better messaging strategy (so you can start reaching the people who need you most).


Hi, I'm Sarah Temte, and I eat words for breakfast.

 (I'm joking, obviously. I flip-flop between donuts + green smoothies.)

I help high-ticket coaches and consultants understand their offer, their market, and their clients better—so that they can start selling more (without feeling like infomercial hosts).

With my five-pronged Messaging Framework, I help my clients...

  • identify their Differentiation Factor.
  • structure a customer-centric buyer's journey (notice: how I didn't say "sales funnel").
  • craft content and copy that's actually in alignment with their mission—to sell from a place of servicebuh-bye 1999 tele-seminar script. ditto spiritual-ish, vague AF sales lingo. 
  • coach their audience through a series of mindset shifts that will prepare their best prospects to invest heavily...and get life-changing results.
  • stop hawking their wares, and start showing up as a leader in their space.

Everything I do, teach, and write stems from empathy. I'm here to help you serve your market better—by telling them what they need to hear, when they need to hear it. 

 And, do you know what happens when you combine leadership, empathy, and a hefty dose of messaging know-how? A magical spike in impact, and a measurable increase in profitability.

ready to take the next step?

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